CNC turning of large workpieces for industry

​With a versatile combination of turning machines, Asa-Tor A/S can offer CNC turning services for virtually all types of jobs. Our machinery consists of both traditional lathes and boring mills/carousel lathes.

We perform CNC turning of large single workpieces and small series with a workpiece weight range of 20 kilograms to 20 tonnes.

​CNC-controlled machines

​Most of our machines are CNC-controlled, which allows us to machine complex contours. In addition, the controls ensure that we always deliver turned products with a consistent quality to our customers.

However, the fact that we work with large machines and workpieces does not mean that our machining is rough or that we allow large tolerances. On the contrary, Asa-Tor A/S is happy to machine workpieces with strict dimension and geometric tolerance requirements.

Further information about CNC turning

Naturally, we provide all CNC turning services to meet our customers’ needs and demands. 

If you need information other than just our machinery list below, you are more than welcome to contact us by telephone +45 65 95 12 02 or email info@asa-tor.dk


Type: Manuel​

Diameter: ø312 / ø500​

Length: 1600​

Spindle bore: ø52​

Type: Manuel​

Diameter: ø720 / ø870​


Spindle bore:​ø105​

Type: CNC​

Diameter: ø720 / ø1000​


Spindle bore:​ø230​


Diameter: ø1200 / ø1500​


Spindle bore:​ø126​

Type: Carousel, manual

Diameter: ø1560​


Type: Carousel, manual

Diameter: ø2160​


Type: Carousel, CNC, rotary spindle

Diameter: ø2800​


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