​Production maturation

​​In addition to machining, Asa-Tor A/S can also support the maturity of your products.

Our experienced engineers can assist you with production maturation and design reviews of your products..

This may include, for example, the following elements:

  • ​tolerancing
  • surface roughness requirements
  • geometric tolerances
  • proofing of drawings
  • workpiece standardisation or machining​

Production maturation tends to be an overlooked element of product development, which unfortunately only helps to increase the cost of the product in question.

For example, producing a round, rather than a square, hole is considerably cheaper. If you can “live” with the round hole, you will be able to save money.

As issues are often significantly more complex than this example, a high level of understanding of the machining processes is required to optimise a product.

Our experienced engineers have this kind of insight, which allows them to assist you in finding areas where your product can be matured or your production optimised, thus saving you money.


​​We use Solid Works and Edgecam CAD/CAM software, which enables us to visualise amendments and use data for direct CNC programming

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